We are by your side with customised and unconventional solutions

Since 1995, we have been developing, designing and manufacturing integrated robotic automations for various sectors of the manufacturing industry, to meet the different needs of customers.

What is our secret? The technical department

Since the very beginning, when the 3 founding partners started our company, we had a very specific goal: to be an innovative, flexible and constantly evolving technological partner.

The heart of our work has always been to support customers in designing cutting-edge industrial processes, technologically advanced and created according to the real needs of the company.

The in-depth technical expertise, together with the knowledge of mechanics and electronics, have been our focus during the years positioning ABL among the leaders in the automation industry.

For more than 25 years, we have been technology partners supporting companies in the automation of their processes

Over the years, our reputation has become increasingly strong both in the national and international market, allowing our company to become partners of great players, to understand even better the requirements and real needs of customers to make an important qualitative leap.

Today, we are a company in continuous evolution towards a new business model based on advanced, virtual and innovative technological development. Our working team is made up of determined young people, joined and supported by those who have gained experience over all these years.

Since 2019, we are part of the Saleri Group.


A strong vocation towards innovation and virtualisation

Through digital twin and virtual commissioning, we can offer preliminary production assessments, already in the design phase, and recreate environments by simulating systems operation and monitoring the functioning of the tools.

We always guarantee maximum performance levels, even adjustments are managed to reduce time and costs impact.

What we believe in and what makes our work increasingly personalised

We are much more than integrators of robotic cells; we represent real manufacturers of technically and technologically advanced machines.


We transform the traditional Customer-Supplier relationship into a real technological partnership: we support our customers in solving traditional problems with unconventional methods.


We improve working conditions through the introduction of new technologies, thus increasing productivity, optimising efficiency, raising the quality level of products and, consequently, the competitiveness of the client companies that rely on us.


Our approach is always evolving and extremely professional, methodical and cutting-edge, aimed at transforming ABL into a reference company for our customers, but also a desirable environment for young people approaching the working world.

Do you want to get ready for the future and become the leader in your industry?

We act as the main contractor for integrated solutions; we can support you through all the stages of designing your new automated system.

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