Assembly and testing

We design advanced systems for assembly and testing, customised according to the needs of customers.

Lines for the automation of assembly and testing processes

We design systems for assembly and testing with a technologically advanced approach. Our projects involve a strong synergy of skills in the mechanical, electrical, electronic and software fields, ensuring the development of cutting-edge solutions.

We are able to create anything from the simple bench serviced by the operator up to complex, fully automated and robotic lines.

The online integration of special processes, tests, quality controls, product traceability systems and advanced supervision systems completes the offer of customised “turnkey” lines for extremely different applications and sectors.

Our assembly and testing systems guarantee:

Sectors we work in


Earth moving

Oil & Gas






Hydro-thermo-sanitary sector

Do you want to get ready for the future and become the leader in your industry?

We act as the main contractor for integrated solutions; we can support you through all the stages of designing your new automated system.

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