Handling and palletising

We design automated handling and palletising systems

Handling and palletising systems with robots

We design handling and palletising systems with the use of anthropomorphic robots from the most well-known brands on the market, for the creation of customised solutions and the handling of parts or production processes.

In addition, we have the possibility to even manage workpieces with a significant weight in automatic mode. This preserves operator’s safety, relieving them from strenuous activities.

Among the handling solutions developed by ABL Automazione are the robotic end-of-line palletising cells, featured by intuitive management software, “user-friendly” and prepared interface for interacting with the most advanced AGV and AMR vehicles.

Our handling and palletising systems guarantee:

Sectors we work in


Earth moving

Oil & Gas

Electro mechanical




Hydro-thermo-sanitary sector



Food & Beverage

Do you want to get ready for the future and become the leader in your industry?

We act as the main contractor for integrated solutions; we can support you through all the stages of designing your new automated system.

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