Italian Technology Group

The ITG, Italian Technology Group, owes its birth to the will of four leading companies in the brass and steel working to offer their customers a global solution in the production automatic lines.

ABL Automazione, BTB, Hydromec and Maestri, each one with its specific skill and technology arisen in years of presence in the world market, have brought together in association and want to introduce themselves to the customer as a sole spokesman, in order to put forward a solution for the problems concerning the heating, forging and deformation, machining and automatic assembly.

The group’s aim is to guarantee the customer a serious, competent and skilled partner as to enhance their producing capabilities, reduce the costs and be more competitive in the market.


Via Mandolossa, 102/B
25064 Gussago (Brescia), Italy
Tel. +39 030 3731822
Fax +39 030 3731298      

Design and construction of  machines and lines for automatic assembly of industrial products

BTB Transfer S.p.A.
Via Vittorio Veneto, 31
25073 Bovezzo (Brescia), Italy
Centralino: +39 030 2111511
Fax Vendite : +39 030 2111750


Design and construction of multispindle rotary transfer machines

via Mandolossa, 155/157
25064 GUSSAGO (Brescia), Italy
Tel: +39 030 3731147
Fax: +39 030 320583


Design and construction of pressing machines and automatic systems for deformation of materials

Via Carlo Alberto, 142
25011 CALCINATO (Brescia), Italy
Tel: +39 030 963310
Fax: +39 030 9969305


Design and construction of industrial ovens for forging of brass, copper and aluminium

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